The Dozens of EDM genres have mingle in the last decade, giving us a huge amount of different styles, and types of electronic dance music.

My interest in the last years has been completely pulled by three record labels. The shortest way to describe their music is Deep, Melodic, Progressive, Soulful, Organic. Far too hard to find in electronic dance music

And I believe we need a new genre for this kind of music.

All Day I Dream

All Day I Dream was founded in 2011 by legend DJ and producer Lee Burridge. The record label is also responsible for amazing live events, with some of our favorite artists.

Amonita, Bedouin, Double Touch, Lost Dessert, Mathew Dekay, Roy Rosenfeld Some of the DJs and producers involved on the label.

Favourite tracks:

Favourite DJ Set:


If you have a tiny experience of electronic dance music, you are probably familiar with Anjunadeep.

Founded in 2005 by Above & Beyond and their manager James Grant. Their releases never fail to deliver. Some of the artists with song and album releases are Dusky, Yotto, Lane 8, Cubicolor, Moon Boots, Way Out West, Dusky and Michael Cassette.

Favourite tracks:

Favourite DJ Set:

Shanti Moscow Radio

Shanti Moscow Radio might not be as popular and well-known record labels as the above. But their releases definitely worth more attention.

The labeled was found by DJ and music producer Gorje Hewek, and works with artists such as, Amonita, Makebo, M.O.S., Volen Sentir, and more.

Favourite tracks:

Favourite DJ Set:

We hope you enjoy the music by our favourite labels.

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