With venues and clubs shut down around the world, here are five live streamed DJ sets in 2021 that will take you in a journey like never before. Brilliant electronic music and capturing nature footage, will be a pleasure for your ears and eyes.

Tony from A&B: Deep Set 16 in Santorini, Greece | 3 hour livestream DJ set

The location, scenery, and beautiful sunset make the perfect combo with Tony’s music selection. The DJ set sounds flawless from one of the best DJs in the world right now. I am sure you will listen and watch this video wherever you are!

Ben Böhmer live above Cappadocia in Turkey for Cercle

Ben Böhmer is collaboration with Cercle present an amazing sunrise live show from a hot air balloon above Cappadocia, in Turkey.

The view from the above, the colours of the hot-air balloons, and the dry scenery of Turkey make this video simply brilliant. You will find yourself watching this video over and over again.

Sébastien Léger at the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt for Cercle

Travelling to Egypt with the world-famous DJ and music producer Sebastien Leger, and Cercle once again.

The footage, the setting, the pyramids, and the live performed music by Leger is simply touching to every house music soul out there.

Lane 8 – Sunrise Set – Grand Lake, CO

In the middle of the beautiful Grand lake, Lane 8 plays a brilliant 2 hours DJ set. The music and the sun rising over the mountains are creating an organic experience that will bring you euphoria during social restrictions. Perfection!

Gorgon City – Chicago River Yacht Stream

Passing through the beautiful city of Chicago, Gordon City presents the top tech-house tracks of the year, with a set impossible to listen while sitting.

We strongly believe that live streaming DJ sets will continue to appear even after the pandemic. Do not forget to subscribe and support these live platforms so that they will give us more amazing audio and visual experiences in the future.

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