Except for the pile of bad and unfortunate things happening the last year all over the world due to the pandemic of COVID-19, there was one thing given to us plenty… Free Time.

Not being able to meet and connect with friends and family, or spend time at public events and places, most people have to spend their entire day at home.

There is a huge amount of games, series, movies or hobbies that you can enjoy these days, but you can also do creative things to stay connected with music and people.

5 Things To Do During Pandemic


The majority of artists and musicians tried at least once a livestream performance during this pandemic. A variety of online streaming platforms made it possible for professional and amateur performers as well.

How to Livestream

From the comfort of their house, balcony, or terrace, DJs and music producers from all over the world shared their favorite music on platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and many more.

Studies and surveys conducted in UK and US show us that live-streaming concerts, DJ sets, and other venues might continue to happen after the pandemic.

If you are also interested to get started, check out how to live-stream your DJ sets. All you need is a laptop/computer, a music video camera, and your online platform subscription.

Learn A New Art

If you have experience of any other sort of art, such as paint, or sculpture, it is always a great way to spend your time and keep your creativity level without getting bored.

paint during covid

If you have no experience, there are some online courses, either free or premium, by professional and experienced instructors to teach you anything you want to learn doing.

Remix A Song

One of the new things you can “pick-up” during the pandemic is music production. It is easier than ever to install a free DAW (music production software) and start with free sounds & samples packs available online.

Music_Production during pandemic

On youtube, you will find a bunch of free tutorials to get started with your DAW. Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and the free Audacity are the most popular options out there, and you will find courses online for beginners, intermediate, and experienced musicians.

Go to findremix.com and check out all the latest remix competitions, along with the rules guide and of course the win-prize pool.

Contribute to Society & Help Beginner Musicians

If you are an experienced musician It might be the perfect time to think about yourself a little less and help others reach their dreams and targets.

music forums for help

Go to forums such as Reddit or Quora and you will how many struggling beginner artists there are out there.

In fact, you will see that this is a very full filling action, and sometimes a help might come the other way as well.

Be Optimistic & Creative

It looks like we are heading at the end of the lockdown and back to normality. Stay positive and keep your energy to do all the things you want and plan to do in the future.


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