The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our daily routine, but it has not made us forget the experience of a live show, festival, or concert.

Now, the doors of all the music scenes around the world open again and all artists return safely to the rehearsals, to the good nights, to the fatigue of the preparation, to the long conversations after the show, to the emotion, to the laughter, to the applause.

Art never stops and has never stopped in the history of mankind. It may be persecuted, banned, oppressed, censored, or made very difficult to communicate due to natural causes, but it does not stop.

Live entertainment after the pandemic

As long as the earth spins, people will produce art even if it has barriers to the way it is spread. Music, respectively, in the pandemic, does not stop being produced and there are certainly millions of creators worldwide, who compose, write, perform and record music in their homes, garages, studios, etc.

It is certain that something interesting is happening these days. I am absolutely sure that in the near future we will listen to very good music via the internet etc and that when the ban on concerts is over we will see fantastic and inspiring new things. Art is like life itself, it involves the instincts of self-preservation and reproduction and it always finds the way.

What seems to keep music, theater and dance moving are the live streaming performances and virtual concerts.

We have to take care of the people of music, who are the ones who will help us with their creations to heal our wounds, build our dreams from the beginning and get closer to each other again.

festivals after pandemic

Discography has been declining for many years. Copyright is shrinking and disappearing as well. Only concerts are left in recent years for any revenue.

The complete impasse for singers, musicians, composers, but also all the people around them, from the concert organizers to the concert hall owners, from the producers and the managers to the people of communication and all kinds of employees in the ​​live entertainment scene.

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