The music sector and the venue of the live performances probably had the biggest impact on their income by the pandemic.

There are several studies and surveys in the last months that show how much damage artists experience in their pockets and if only.

The short answer is that at least two-thirds of musicians, DJs, and live performers had a huge loss of income for over a year already.

UK Music industry in numbers (2019)

  • £5.8bn contributed to the UK economy
  • £2.8bn generated in export revenue
  • 28.5m people attended a concert
  • 197,168 full-time jobs supported

Source: UK Music

music industry economic value

You can see from the numbers above, that the music sector is an integral part of the countries economy, let alone society.

How much of a damage COVID-19 caused to musicians?

Covid-19 had triggered a “domino effect” in the music scene, with canceled venues, festivals, and concerts.

The report by UK Music shows us that musicians which are most dependent on live performance and studio work will lose up to 80% of their income this year.

Before the pandemic, a typical musician in the UK earned £23,000. An 80% pay-cut would mean an income of just £4,600. I do not know what daily expenses you can cover with this income, let alone improving skills and equipment.

musicians income during covid-19

70% of DJs have abandoned their career due to COVID-19

This statistic comes from a survey by Pirate; an organization that helps DJs, musicians, and artists book 24/7 access to studios in the UK and US. 20,000 DJs from a huge demographic range took part in this survey.

Since this massive 70% of DJs didn’t just have an income and did not know for sure when we will go back to normality they decided to learn a new skill and start a new career.

One of the new skills DJs have picked up is music production. With one-third learning to produce and make their own music from home.

More info came out from this survey:

  • 54% of DJs say they’ve lost revenue because of the pandemic.
  • 26% are less likely to pursue a career in music once life returns to “normal’ after lockdown. 

There are also newcomers that found the opportunity to start learning the art of DJing and mixing during the pandemic.

  • 31% bought a DJ controller
  • 26% bought DJ software
  • 11% bought CDJs and DJ mixer setup
  • 8% bought vinyl turntables

If you are also looking for great DJ equipment for beginners, now might be the perfect time.

The most surprising result was that 67% of DJs believe that the pandemic will have a positive benefit for the music industry. 

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