Since the pandemic put an end to all parties, events, and festivals in 2020 and most of 2021, the DJs and promoters found other creative ideas to entertain the audience while keeping social distancing.

Many DJs took their setup to their balconies or terraces and started playing. Others started live-streaming and virtual events.

The truth is that Europeans had an extremely hard time without their favorite music events. Covid raves made their appearance In Berlin, Barcelona, UK, and France, where 2000-3000 people attended and party till dawn.

  1. Techno Bikers in Berlin, Germany

The Fhainest group created a very special concept party. The techno cyclists or clubber cyclists ride in Berlin with the group’s mobile DJ booth.

The “Techno Rickshaw”, the self-made tricycle DJ booth, includes 1000 watt speakers, a small disco ball, and colorful lights, which are powered by a few car batteries.

Not the biggest DJ setup but the team put up a Paypal donations account to help them upgrade their mobile sound system.

2. Ravesons in Thessaloniki, Greece

A group of young people who organize parties undertook to entertain the people of Thessaloniki and remind them that summer is near and they will soon be able to dance in beach bars. The “Ravesons”, loaded their audio systems in a truck and made the round trip in the center of the co-capital with cyclists and pedestrians enjoying their music and following them.

3. Neighbours in Barcelona, Spain

Residents in Barcelona, hosted a balcony party to boost morale during the COVID-19 lockdown. For the third week in a row, neighbours from a block of flats took to their balconies to dance and sing. Unfortunately for the residents, the party was interrupted in the evening briefly by local police who were responding to noise complaints from other residents.

Organizers were informed they would need a permit from the local council should they wish to continue with their balcony parties in the future. The party started off as a spontaneous event, sparked by social networks and equivalent events seen on the news.

4. Disco Grocery Shopping (Official Aftermovie)

A couple of supermarkets in the Netherlands and Germany have introduced to their customers the”disco-shopping,”. It takes place two hours after the store has closed, and when it is over, you can take home a “surprise bag” with selected products for free. Win-Win situation!

5. Cosmic Gate – Miami Balcony Rave

The world-famous Cosmic Gate with the “Home & Party On Your Balcony” event in Miami to encourage everyone to follow social distancing and stay safe during the pandemic.

British youth are reclaiming public land to party, even during a pandemic is a worth reading article by documentjournal and Oli Warwic.

Stay safe and see you soon back in the scene with normal events, parties and festivals.

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