The UK is the Mecca of dance clubs and electronic dance music in Europe. Some of the biggest and most popular clubs and music events were happening in the UK until the pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world last year.

Uk’s Prime Minister announced that¬†testing “in combination with vaccination, will probably be the route forward” to reopening clubs. That was something previously known, but thankfully the time has come.

music clubs re-0pen in UK

The good news, that everyone in the music industry was expecting since March of 2020, has finally come. Clubs will slowly start to re-open in April to host events with volunteer clubbers. More info at the official UK government website.

In addition to the clubs, festivals and events will take place in stadiums, theaters, and concert venues, as part of the research program that will lead to a return to normalcy on June 21st.

The experts will examine the ventilation systems of the event spaces and will test new security measures such as the gradual entry and exit of the events.

music venues and club infographic

The Night Time Industries Association found that 17 out of 20 people working in the nightlife and club life are considering leaving the industry. This is truly horrifying, and we hope that the opening of the clubs in the next couple of months is not going to be too late.

The overall plan to remove the lockdown in England consists of 4 phases that will be completed on June 21, as long as the smooth running of vaccinations continues and the transmission of the virus is reduced.

Schools, shops, restaurants, hotels, indoor, and outdoor activities have a priority to open. But we seem to be closer and closer to back to our favourite club nights.

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