With increasing technology, virtual reality is changing the music industries around the world as it offers an engaging experience. Consumers and music production houses demand of more immersive yet interactive experience for the users and artists, which provoked a call for innovative designs and machinery.

The continuous transformation in the way we engage with music videos, live jamming sessions, and online music classes is remarkable.

virtual reality

Virtual reality in music videos

Since 2015. Facebook and YouTube have introduced 36 degrees video feature allowing people to make more and more creative content. The most impressive example is Gorillaz’s’ snatching almost 3 million views in just 48 hours.

Another example is of Maroon 5 video with spectacular 360 degrees visuals using a 1080p HD video camera for an extraordinary high-definition experience. What you are not aware of is that you can also get immersed in their 360 degrees using a VR headset intensifying your music video experience.

This trend is evolving due to the consumer’s demand to involve mediated as well as live music. If the live music is confined to a real-time situation, mediated music refers to the distribution of media and its elements generally not in reality.

This new technology involves a younger audience from all over the world with interactive skills. Mediated style streaming of events and music lets people use the platform of social media.

Enjoy live music with virtual reality

This technology is not just confined to music videos. Artists and singers utilize the option in their live music performance and transform it with shared space for fans too!

All the reality shows are recorded and for instance, fans wish to enjoy it in VR, that’s possible now! It allows the fans to share a different bond with their favorite artists.


Making your experience better!

The customers are nowadays more indulged in music videos with a 1080p HD camera and virtual reality. They are willing to pay millions for the immersive experience. That is why applications like Snapchat and Pokémon Go were more popular worldwide.

It has the game-changer ability to provide a unique experience to all music lovers. For example, a rendition done by Queen with Enosis VR utilized 2D and 3D animations and motion-picture technology, and the artist decorated in neon colors. This was for fans to imagine in a subconscious mind their favorite artist with fans moving the VR headset 360 degrees and using a 1080p HD camera.

Another streaming technology involves applications utilizing VR and AR technology that integrates music with gaming. For example, Intone allows the person to produce a sound and effect experience. The user uses a VR headset to manipulate the surroundings. So, this allows artists to use unique ways to make their videos and music interesting.

Way to make VR more useful for music lovers!

  • Virtual reality can make people come closer and increase their following. This is because with this technology they will not just be listening but also feel themselves to be part of the video. Music lovers would feel a more engaging experience as the artist would be right in front of them.
  • It can also prove to be a great way to let the music grow or new artists utilize it when launching their first album. It will help to create more space for them in the industry to be a newbie.
  • Without leaving the studio, the musicians can just use a 1080p HD camera and VR technology to plan concerts for fans all around the world. Their fans just need to connect to a specific site and bravo! No need to buy tickets and snatch a space in an arena.
  • Imagine learning playing a piano or guitar from your favorite artists while just logging in to a website. The music studio working one step ahead and using VR technology to create an amazing user experience.

The science behind the virtual reality

The model of predictive coding proposes that the human brain maintains an inside model of the surrounding environment and the body to eliminate prediction error. The model when created, involves reactivation of some neural network whose summation creates this experience.

Virtual technology works exactly as prediction coding hypothesis that of the human brain. It creates a simulated world, maintaining the particular body and its surroundings. So, VR has the aptitude to alter bodily experience by creating a virtual environment and situations targeted to evoke particular scenarios.

Make your VR experience worth mentioning!

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